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Strategic Planning : Workplace Guidelines


Align with organizational goals and strategy Ensure workplace strategies contribute to the organizational mission, culture, values, and strategy Support productivity and choice Identify and accommodate required tasks and productivity enhancements Implement metrics that support the total workplace of multiple activity settings Explore non-territorial, shared use options that optimize space allocation across target groups Provide contemporary, updated office environments Inspirational environment that attracts and retains key talent

Formalizing the future

An international science leader looked to Flad to formalize workplace guidelines to be used in future projects. The organization operates nine user facilities that draw thousands of research scientists and visitors each year. Scientific programs focus on materials, neutron science, energy, high-performance computing, systems biology, and national security. This new set of guidelines is intended to be used by facilities staff as a tool for future planning, estimating, and implementation of interior workplace projects, and as a starting point for planning and design on the campus.

The overall objective was to develop workplace guidelines and an associated change management process that accomplishes five key goals:
1) alignment with organizational goals and strategy;
2) support productivity enhancements;
3) provide contemporary, updated office environments;
4) promote interdisciplinary, connected, collaborative science; and
5) provide flexible and adaptable workspaces that will be responsive to change.


"Interviews and surveys were used to gather key data and feedback to determine how and where individuals and teams work. Analysis of the results indicated that workplace standards could adapt to more open workspaces, given the inclusion of multiple activity settings. This solution provides a more collaborative environment, while still providing a mix of open and private meeting spaces and heads-down rooms."

 Randy SchmitgenIIDA, LEED AP, PrincipalFlad Architects