Texas Biomedical Research Institute - Strategic Campus PlanTexas Biomedical Research Institute - Strategic Campus Plan


Texas Biomedical Research Institute - Strategic Campus Plan

Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Strategic Campus Plan

A path to the future

Widely recognized as one of the country's leading independent, scientific research institutions, Texas Biomed has made significant contributions to advancing human health since its founding in 1941 in San Antonio. Their dedication to basic and translational research has led to numerous advances in areas ranging from metabolism and diseases of aging to highly infectious diseases.

Over time, the campus grew to comprise nearly 90 buildings, but many of them were outdated and no longer serving Texas Biomed's mission. The Institute engaged Flad to initiate a campus-wide plan to fulfill strategic research goals. This effort evaluated all aspects of the facilities, operations, and culture to address shifts in research demand and methodologies with a goal of celebrating and advancing the work of pioneering researchers, as well as developing a campus that enables recruitment and retention of the brightest talent to create the research breakthroughs of the future.

The current faculty number was expected to more than double over the coming years, informing the structure of the master plan's first phase. This first cycle in transforming the campus is to remove multiple buildings and initiate the development of a connected and vital research community. Flad and Affiliated Engineers are currently working with the client to implement two priority projects for transforming the campus.

Images shown are intended as exploratory concepts only and do not represent final plans.

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LocationSan Antonio, Texas

Project TypeScience & Technology