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Streamlining research & development

Exploring uncharted territory. Building on important collaborations. Persevering where others have failed. These are the principles that guide Genentech.

In 1976, Herb Boyer and Bob Swanson sat down over a couple of beers, scratched some notes on the back of an envelope and imagined a company that would change the course of medicine. At the forefront of revolutionary science, they discussed using recombinant DNA technology to produce new medical treatments. Today Genentech has grown to 11,000 employees, all focused on drug discovery efforts to develop safer and more effective therapies for life-threatening illnesses.

When the company needed a new facility, Genentech imagined a center unlike any other in the industry. They combined labs and the pilot plant, bridging the gap between research, testing, and manufacturing. By locating all of these diverse professionals in one building, Genentech significantly enhanced communication and collaboration among scientists and shortened the time needed to bring new products to market.

This innovation has not only won awards. It has made a dramatic impact on those who suffer from cancer, cystic fibrosis, asthma, macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus.

LocationSan Francisco, California

RecognitionR&D Magazine Lab of the Year, High Honors

Project TypeScience & Technology


After one day of program meetings, we knew we had to reexamine everything that the word "laboratory" meant to us... the lab size, how analytical equipment was supported, the furniture, even whether furniture was needed at all. What we discovered was that we needed to create new spaces to house functions unique to the biotechnology development process, as well as rethink the whole concept of how lab furniture performs in today's laboratories.

John Sungformer DirectorProject Engineering