St. Mary's Hospital Satellite Emergency Center

St. Mary's Hospital - Satellite Emergency CenterSt. Mary's Hospital - Satellite Emergency Center


St. Mary's Hospital - Satellite Emergency Center

A close call

LocationSun Prairie, Wisconsin

U.S. emergency rooms receive more than 118 million visits each year. And on the way, the same thought is racing through the minds of every ambulance driver. Every mother of a feverish toddler. Every businessman experiencing chest pains. Please hurry. Seconds count.

That urgency inspired St. Mary's Hospital to create a new kind of facility for residents in a rural suburb of Madison. The freestanding, 10-bed satellite emergency center will bring much-needed diagnostic and clinical expertise to patients in outlying areas, resulting in dramatically faster access to care. Staffed by board-certified emergency physicians and equipped with a laboratory, medical imaging capabilities, helicopter transport, and computerized registration and tracking systems, the center will be open 24-hours a day, 365-days per year, for large and small medical emergencies.

The new, 13,900-square-foot emergency center is the first phase of St. Mary's newly developed master plan, since it was the most critical need for the community. A small hospital and a medical office building will complete the 17-acre healthcare campus. Just in time for thousands of residents in southern Wisconsin.


With drive times to downtown Madison now more than 20 minutes from Sun Prairie, this emergency medical center will mean our city's residents will have more convenient access to emergency healthcare. This stand-alone facility will help reduce those precious moments that you or a loved one spend en route to the emergency room when every moment counts.

Pat CannonSun Prairie City Administrator

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