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Johnson & Johnson - RC-1 & ERB

Johnson & Johnson

RC-1 & ERB

A catalyst for scientific engagement

Aimed at generating discovery, this new, three-story, 155,000-square-foot research and development lab (RC-1) and neighboring 105,000-square-foot renovation (ERB) serves numerous research activities of the Johnson & Johnson's Pharmaceutical Research Division. Strategically bolstering collaboration and enhancing working relationships among a variety of internal groups, these projects enable the creation of multi-functional teams to solve the full range of challenges related to drug discovery and development.

The design concept behind the project is a streamlined union of functionality and form, achieved through expressing neighborhoods of activities aimed at generating discovery. These neighborhoods are arranged according to a hierarchy of activities and contained in two major blocks. The laboratories form the core of these blocks and define the main structure. These laboratories are linked by a main street that creates opportunity for cross pollination and interaction among the different sciences.

Glass walls and open labs provide transparency and allow occupants to enjoy external views. Sustainable design is incorporated in all building systems, resulting in a 40 percent energy use savings and a 27 percent carbon emission savings.

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LocationSpringhouse, Pennsylvania

CertificationLEED-NC Gold

Project TypeScience & Technology