Genentech - Fill-Finish FacilityGenentech - Fill-Finish FacilityGenentech - Fill-Finish Facility


Genentech - Fill-Finish FacilityGenentech - Fill-Finish Facility


Fill-Finish Facility

A timed-release design

A team of experts collaborated with Genentech to optimize innovation, minimize cost, and provide a holistic design approach to this project. A master plan established a long-term vision for the 75-acre campus. Maximum use of the site was achieved by consolidating the original building footprint, improving traffic flows, minimizing site disturbance, and establishing a framework for future buildings.

A "least-cost" scope design resulted in savings of millions of dollars in construction. The first portion of the building was completed within 16 months of the start of programming. Specialized spaces include manufacturing, warehouse, distribution center, administration, and a central utility plant. Designed to FDA and cGMP standards, the fill/finish facility incorporates formulation, filling, and packaging suites.

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LocationHillsboro, Oregon

Project TypeScience & Technology