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A coherent work strategy

This partial renovation and fit-out of leased space consolidates 500 employees from three separate facilities into one location totalling 90,000 square feet on three floors. While significant changes to the existing core and shell of the space were deemed unnecessary, an efficient and flexible plan was needed to ensure that each of the floors functioned properly and that each employee had workspace that was extremely functional and configured to allow tasks to be performed and encourage engagement with other employees.

Solving this particular puzzle took the form of rigorous study of the IS Department's existing office space and a series of exercises intended to enable employees to identify what they regard as a workplace's most important attributes. A space utilization study in which data were collected on office and meeting space usage at existing locations led to the determination that a traditional approach to office space would not fit this model. The study confirmed that an unassigned workspace model could be used and accommodate current headcount and years of future growth without facility modifications with the unassigned spaces. This was accomplished by utilizing a combination of individual and shared workpoints within the building's complicated geometry.

Although a relatively simple approach to workspace planning, the UW Health system had to work closely with leadership to confirm this new model for their real estate group was a fit for the IS group. The project speaks to Flad's ability to lead a collaborative group effort and its dedication to design that is responsive to the specific needs of the users of a space and organization.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin