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A personal vision

AIA Wisconsin, Honor Award

Understanding the landscape. Seeing a need. Realizing a personal vision. This is how TASC founder Don Rashke created his company. It's also how he shaped the design of its headquarters.

Mr. Rashke understood the realities of running a family farm. He saw a need for farms and small businesses to offer more financial security, both to owners and their employees. Then he created a company that could provide it; in the form of affordable health, retirement, and educational benefits. As the company grew, he needed a building that would reflect his goals and embody his ideals.

The TASC building is made up of forms and details that are uniquely suited to its site, creating an image which will endure and stand as a legacy to its founder. Reflecting Mr. Rashke's Scandinavian background, the headquarters was designed using sleek, smooth lines; cool, modern colors; and extensive natural materials, including vertical tongue-and-groove fir siding. The L-shaped building offers extraordinary exposure to light from the north and views of the surrounding landscape. It also gives the company a commanding presence along the main road, with a vaulted roof that brings volume to the building, subtly mimicking the hangars at the nearby airport.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin


"A terrific example of attention to craft. It's almost like pieces of cabinetry with the wood exterior and metal detailing. (It is) a very interesting three-dimensional sculptural form."

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