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Mease Countryside Hospital : Master Plan / Hospital ExpansionMease Countryside Hospital : Master Plan / Hospital Expansion


Mease Countryside Hospital was named one of the nation's 100 Top HospitalsĀ® by Thomson Healthcare, a leading provider of information and solutions to improve the cost and quality of healthcare. Today it is the fastest-growing hospital in the area. Designed for ultimate flexibility, Mease ED handles 65,000 visits per year. To remain flexible, the plan is a continuous string of rooms to accommodate fluctuations in workload that routinely occur. Each of the 40 rooms is the same size, allowing them to be used for multiple types of patients and care. The department contains a central imaging area with two radiology rooms and a dedicated CT scanner for faster turnaround and more convenience for patients.

Planning for change

Cities change. Young families move into new subdivisions. Seniors move on to retirement communities. Areas reinvent themselves and service providers must adapt to those changes.

As Mease Countryside Hospital watched its surrounding communities change, the healthcare system devised a strategic plan to redistribute resources. Expand services. Tailor their care to the patients they need to serve.

Following the master plan, the hospital embarked on a phased renovation and expansion. A new women's center was established with the latest technology for maternity and neonatal care. Operating rooms were renovated and beds were added for ambulatory surgery patients. A medical office building with outpatient labs and a rehabilitation center was constructed to house 12 separate physicians' groups. The existing bed towers were expanded vertically, maintaining the building's footprint while providing substantially more space for inpatient care.

Preparing for the community's health needs before individuals need care. This is the value of thoughtful planning. It can mean the difference between life and death. For the hospital and for those it serves.

Location: Safety Harbor, Florida