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MAHLE : North American HeadquartersMAHLE : North American Headquarters


After acquiring a facility adjacent to an existing office complex and technology center, the two facilities will be physically connected by adding a new 4,000-square-foot front door. A two-story bridge between the facilities will enhance collaboration for the campus.

Unified growth

The Mahle brothers could have stopped innovating back in the 1920s when they designed and manufactured a better piston for combustion engines. But they didn't. Now the company is a global automotive supplier with locations on four continents.

In order to increase efficiency, collaboration, and production to better serve the reemerging U.S. automobile industry in Detroit, MAHLE has chosen to consolidate multiple business units into a single facility, establishing their new North American Headquarters. For over 90 years, MAHLE has played a decisive role in promoting the development of automotive and engine technology, setting standards for quality and performance.

After acquiring a facility adjacent to an existing office complex and technology center, they physically connected the facilities by adding a new 4,000-square-foot "front door" and collaboration hub for the campus that also serves as a two-story bridge between the existing facilities and the newly acquired space.

Location: Farmington Hills, Michigan


"This project offered the opportunity to highlight the client's brand at the same time we were working to solve multiple architectural issues, including renovating an existing building on an adjacent site from their existing facility and connecting them with a central reception building. The final solution provides much greater visibility to communicate their brand message to the automobile industry as well as to the adjacent freeway and the general public."

 SteveProject Manager at Flad