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Genesis was in sync with the national trend toward moving care - even for complex illnesses such as heart disease - to an outpatient setting. By uniting many aspects of heart care in a single facility outside the hospital, patients benefit immensely from accessing many medical resources, which were once scattered throughout the hospital, in one convenient location. Cardiac specialists performed the following procedures and tests at Genesis: 48,615 non-invasive heart tests in a one-year period 10,855 cardiac cath lab procedures in a one-year period 63,372 cardiac rehab visits in a one-year period 28,212 cardiac nursing care days in a one-year period

Focused on heart disease

The human heart will beat 2.5 billion times during an average lifetime. The cardiologists at Genesis Heart Institute are working to increase that number.

A unique collaboration between a hospital and its major physician groups, the Genesis Heart Institute was designed to respond to shifting care models and demographics. To streamline diagnosis and treatment. To reduce patient anxiety. To provide physicians with exceptional resources for treating cardiac conditions, while also educating the larger medical community about their work.

The new, 80,000-square-foot facility houses outpatient rehabilitation and diagnostics, a 174-seat auditorium, physicians' offices, and a clinical trials group. Connected to the hospital with a glass-walled walkway, it also allows physicians to be close to hospitalized patients while maintaining a busy clinic schedule.

Design elements of warm-toned lighting, a multitude of windows, a variety of colors and textures, and home-like furnishings create an atmosphere that promotes well-being. One that helps patients focus on regaining their health in the face of heart disease.

Location: Davenport, Iowa