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Going green isn't just a trend, it's a responsibility. Good for the environment, sustainable design also has immediate benefits like reducing operating costs, increased occupant productivity, and limited health risk liability. From space layout to materials to building systems, decisions were made largely based on the benefits of integrating sustainability. LEED-CI Gold 75% of waste diverted from landfill 92% of seated spaces with daylight and views 40% less water used Site selection. Flad selected a building that is committed to making sustainable improvements as well as achieving LEED certification. Its location is in close proximity to public transportation and provides easy walking access to restaurants, banking, retail, and housing opportunities. As a result, over 50 percent of Flad's staff in Atlanta commutes on public transportation. Interior materials. The design team specified many materials with reduced chemical emissions and improved manufacturing processes including recycled rubber flooring, carpet of high recycled content, and cork flooring. Ceiling, floor, and wall coverings were selected for their environmental performance, and the majority of furniture in the space is Greenguard-certified. Design features. The design team utilized an open floor plan, reducing construction materials for partitions while maximizing the use of natural light and exposing each workstation to views of the city. Lighting fixtures in the open office area are equipped with photocell technology to dim lights during bright daytime hours, and all enclosed rooms have occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights off, reducing the electricity needed to power interior lighting. Construction and project delivery. Participation of the consultants and construction partner in sustainable practices highlighted the importance of each role's involvement in building a more sustainable environment. Salvaging and recycling materials played a large part, as well as protecting the building's systems to maintain air quality during construction.

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More than a workplace. More than an office. This is a self-portrait. It is a stunning practical application of Flad's core belief – that people should inspire architecture. It is also proof that the firm's expertise is not an abstraction. It is the combined best practices of an entire spectrum of experience.

Interaction spaces designed to promote collaboration are not just for labs. Sustainable building practices are not just for universities. Integrating art and the beauty of the natural world is not just for corporations. Design that promotes introspection and balance is not just for hospitals. These are the principles that are celebrated in our own environment. These things are fundamental to our own work.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia


"We make a consistent effort in articulating to our clients the value of sustainable design. So when the time came to create a space for our firm's newest office, we took the opportunity to practice what we preach. The materials specified for the new space utilize improved manufacturing processes and are free of harmful chemical emissions. Selected materials include recycled rubber flooring, carpet with a high recycled content, cork flooring, and low VOC paints."

 Jeff ZutzAIA, LEED AP, President/CEOFlad Architects