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Church Mutual Insurance : Corporate HeadquartersChurch Mutual Insurance : Corporate HeadquartersChurch Mutual Insurance : Corporate Headquarters


A century of growth

When Reverend Herman Daib was only 13 years old, he saw his father's church, school, and parsonage burn to the ground. Years later as a young minister himself, Daib received the devastating news that the parochial school where he was assigned to teach had also succumbed to fire.

To protect religious buildings from such catastrophic loss, Daib founded Church Mutual Insurance Company in 1897. In the century since, the company has grown into the largest insurer of non-secular buildings in the United States.

Knowing the importance of a safe, well-constructed home, Church Mutual chose Flad Architects to design its three-story corporate office in 1976 and also a 1987 expansion. In 2003, Church Mutual again selected Flad to add another 70,000 square feet to its headquarters, including a new front lobby constructed like a glassy lantern, giving the organization a strong identity and allowing the additions to form a compatible whole.

Location: Merrill, Wisconsin


"We have a beautiful corporate campus, the new state-of-the-art corporate training center, work space, and meeting rooms allow for Church Mutual's continued expansion in the market. We expect this addition will accommodate our staffing needs for up to ten years."

 Gerald WhitburnPresident and CEO