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Central Insurance : Corporate HeadquartersCentral Insurance : Corporate HeadquartersCentral Insurance : Corporate HeadquartersCentral Insurance : Corporate Headquarters


The mural series "Struggle and Security" was created exclusively for Central Insurance Companies by Robert Barnum, associate professor of Fine Arts at Ferris State University. The murals depict the devastating situations that the natural elements of earth, air, fire, and water often impose on humankind and that require the security of insurance to overcome. They are on display in the Commons of Central's Home Office in Van Wert, Ohio. The use of low-iron, clear glass, curved stairs, and balconies throughout the Commons, not only provides a contemporary feel, but also allows for uninterrupted views to the commissioned artwork which spans over all three levels, connecting the dining area with training rooms and offices on levels two and three. As part of the renovation process, the Central Fire Museum was completely refurbished and expanded. The Van Wert County Mutual Fire Insurance Company was formed on April 5, 1876. This was the start of what was to become today's Central Insurance Companies. The threat of a disastrous fire was always very real and the equipment used to fight fires primitive. F. W. "Bill" Purmort, Jr., President of Central from 1964 to 1994, first took an interest in collecting fire equipment in 1969. Bill was particularly proud of Central's heritage with a deep respect for the past. He gradually built Central's museum into one of the finest privately owned collections in the U.S.

An artful expansion

Insurance companies help people envision the future and prepare for the unforeseen needs of their homes, their families, and their health. Insurance helps protect resources so they can be built upon and expanded.

For Central Insurance, preparing for the company's future meant physical expansion while building on its history and seizing the opportunity to create art.

When the company outgrew its 1975 addition to the original office, the president decided to enlarge the facility while making a statement about the future of the business. The existing buildings were transformed to create an overall campus feel that paid homage to the original architecture. At the same time, it equipped the corporate headquarters with ample office space, amenities, technology, and an outlook for a new era.

The exterior of the addition reflects the character of the initial building with a sand mold brick façade and sloped slate roofs. On the interior, 2,300 square feet of murals were commissioned to provide a thought-provoking atmosphere for employees and raise the profile of public art. They also give Central Insurance's workforce and its clients a glimpse of a bright future.

Location: Van Wert, Ohio


"This is our history. We may never be the biggest... but we can be the best at what we do. This campus is reflective of this attitude."

 Bill PurmortPresident