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Rachel Nelan AIA, LEED AP


Rachel Nelan is not a scientist, but she knows how they work. She knows that to keep up with the changing face of scientific research, architects and lab planners need to be cognizant of breakthroughs in technology and methodology. They need to act as the final member of the research team, providing a "scientific workplace of the future" that is crucial to new discoveries as the people who work in them. At universities, at government labs, and in the pharmaceutical industry, Ms. Nelan is passionate about working with investigators to create unique, mission-driven spaces that exceed expectations.


Modern scientists work across disciplines, to approach research questions from many angles at once. Through constant communication and close collaboration, the energy and intellect of an entire team is applied to a problem. Flad has been a leader in creating efficient, flexible and innvotive spaces that encourange discussion and interaction. We're accelerating the discovery process and giving scientists sustainable laboratories that actually facilitate exploration.

Rachel NelanAIA, LEED AP, PrincipalFlad Architects