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Andrew Cunningham RIBA, LEED AP


Andrew Cunningham loves the built landscape. Growing up in Scotland, he studied the storied architecture of that country, from its rustic medieval castles to sleek modern office buildings. But today he works in Flad’s San Francisco office and served on the planning board for the City of Alameda, California, so he can help shape the landscape of his new home - preserving what is historically interesting and important, while planning for a dynamic, environmentally responsible future.


Every great orchestra involves a conductor drawing the best out of their musicians to achieve a great sound. Successful projects incorporate a wide variety of members and experiences - clients, architects, consultants, contractors, city officials, etc. Flad brings an expertise in achieving a highly collaborative experience for all of these resources. A collaboration that builds a deeper richness in the outcome.

Andrew CunninghamRIBA, LEED AP, PrincipalFlad Architects