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Javier Garay CAM


Javier Garay knows that successful building projects begin with collaboration. Architects and planners must understand the client's business, the culture of the company, and the individual requirements of the employees. And so with each new project, Mr. Garay facilitates interaction. He encourages and channels creativity. He integrates technical requirements with aspirational goals. He coordinates complex plans and implements innovative design solutions. Through these collaborations he ensures that the end result is not just satisfactory - but extraordinary.


Businesses succeed when they can instantly respond to changing needs of the marketplace. That agility requires effective communication - through the supply chain, through every department, and through the entire staff. Co-workers need open, inviting meeting rooms so they can solve problems and discuss strategies. Flad's office buildings bring people out of their silos. They are designed to facilitate immediate , efficient interaction, whether it is between departments on the same campus, or with clients around the world.

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