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University of California Wine, Beer and Food Laboratory

“I'm very proud that, through this LEED Platinum certified design, we've had such a positive impact on an entire commercial sector - it illustrates what can be done right now to improve processes, increase efficiency, and mitigate the environmental impact of food and wine production. Perhaps best of all, I know that the students who come through this program, who work and study and learn in this lab, will make even greater advances. With every new discovery, they will have a profound effect on the future of the industry.”

Andrew CunninghamFlad PrincipalSan Francisco

University of Wisconsin, Madison Biochemical Sciences Complex

“Perhaps the true measure of success comes when one assesses whether spaces are used. Students have quickly found the many comfortable places to study and congregate, and congregate they do - reliably - whenever the buildings are open. Many of the spaces are simply irresistible by design.”

Michael M. CoxPhD Professor of Biochemistry

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Florida Hospital / Sanford-Burnham Institute TRI

“One of the things I really enjoyed about working with the Flad team was their ability to internalize, to listen, and to understand the project. To me, that's why the early steps in the project are so critical and where Flad really shined.”

Steven R. Smith MDScientific DirectorTranslational Research Institute

Novartis USFCC QA/QC Testing & Administration Facility
Mercy Medical Center - North Iowa Emergency Department

“I had been through some ER renovations before, but nothing like this. It just wowed me. I know this is all Lean methodology and 3P process, but it is really about the people.”

Patti PetersonDirector of Emergency Services

Syngenta Crop Lab, Strategic and Site Master Plan
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