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University of Saskatchewan : Collaborative Science Research BuildingUniversity of Saskatchewan : Collaborative Science Research BuildingUniversity of Saskatchewan : Collaborative Science Research Building


Collaborative crop research

Designed to enable research that could result in the breeding of more drought-tolerant crops and the development of more sustainable pest-control mechanisms, the Collaborative Science Research Building will bring together researchers from multiple disciplines, furthering the mission of the University of Saskatchewan's biology and agricultural departments.

Located just to the north of the existing biology building, the new 72,118-square-foot research facility is designed as a modern expression of a technologically driven program while complementing the collegiate gothic style of the campus. Traditional materials such as fieldstone and tyndall stone are juxtaposed against a more modern palette of glass curtain wall and steel, while rooftop greenhouses, the building's defining elements, are an outward expression of the building's mission and establish the identity of agricultural research on campus.

Flad assisted the university with establishing a viable project program, planning, and an architectural vision that focuses on collaborative research. The building will provide a home for researchers affiliated with the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS), which seeks to develop Saskatchewan-led solutions to feed a growing world population; scientists working in fields such as plant science and water security; and several new industry research chairs.

The new facility is also designed to display the scientific and agricultural process as a means to educate and showcase the program's research. Through the use of a tour path and collaborative zones, the building places its science on display and creates opportunities for interaction.

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan