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A springboard for research

Designed to LEED Gold

From the discovery of streptomycin -- the first cure for tuberculosis -- to the technology behind, Rutgers's chemistry program has made a substantive impact, not just on scholarship, but on the world. And as the largest recipient of federal funding for chemistry research in the country, there is an expectation that the department will continue to innovate, question, and explore.

The students and faculty of Rutgers needed a facility that could support their research and provide the catalyst for extraordinary discovery. One with modern lecture and laboratory instructional space. Dedicated public areas on each lab floor that encourage interaction. A LEED Gold design that embodies the commitment to a sustainable future. The new chemistry and chemical biology building designed by Flad Architects is more than a department home. It is the springboard for the next research priorities at Rutgers: developing drugs to help cure cancer and AIDS; designing next-generation solar materials; and identifying novel synthetic approaches for sustainable manufacturing.

Location: Piscataway, New Jersey


"During a programming meeting with two principal investigators who currently reside in separate buildings, it became evident how sharing space within the new CCB facility will positively impact their work on a day-to-day basis. Enabling collaboration has been one of the key objectives throughout the design of the project, and it was thrilling to see the potential from their perspective."

 RashelleLab Planner at Flad