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Centralized Labs

Hospitals Putting their Labs in One Place

Centralized health system laboratories can lead to efficiencies and better patient care

The question of whether to centralize operations is a common one in business – and the healthcare business is no exception. As hospitals weigh the compelling arguments both for and against centralizing their clinical labs, more of Flad's clients are opting "for" it.

Hospitals & Health Networks has picked up Jim Gazvoda and Jeff Raasch's primer on planning a well-designed, efficient, cost-effective core lab, posting it on the H&HN website and publishing it in the magazine's September issue. While the feature focuses on the Flad-designed Mayo Clinic Clinical Diagnostic Testing Laboratory and twin labs for Northwell Health that are scheduled to open in 2018, hospital systems elsewhere are studying the core lab model as a way to hold down costs of testing emanating from their own systems, and also as a means to open an important revenue stream.

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