Flad Speaking at Advancing Life Science Construction Conference

Case Study: Building Adaptability into Facility Design to Maximize Future Resilience at Minimal Cost


Tuesday, June 11, 2024
1:40 pm (EDT)

In-Person Event // Cambridge, Massachusetts

As the needs of life sciences organizations continually evolve, space needs can change drastically even in the timeframe between the start of construction and occupancy, creating the challenge of designing a space that can support research for decades to come. In an upcoming presentation at Advancing Life Sciences Construction, Flad's Russ Drinker will share insights from successfully building adaptability into facility design to maximize future resilience at minimal cost.

Learning objectives:

  • Exploring the opportunities for flexible design options and the impact on project cost and schedule.
  • Identifying the main barriers in building flexibility into life science facilities and how to work towards overcoming them.
  • Ensuring MEP design has the capacity to deliver multimodal facilities and prevent cross-contamination.

About the Event >
Advancing Life Science Construction unites the AEC community to tackle the most pressing challenges across the design and construction of life science facilities, from inception to closeout. Attendees will learn about evolving market trends and owner priorities, how teams are accelerating project delivery, and best practices for enhancing adaptability, sustainability and resiliency of future labs, research, and manufacturing facilities.