The Future of Agriculture

The 21st Century Agricultural Bioscience Research Facility


Research Facilities 2018 Conference

Boston, Massachusetts

April 26, 2018 11:45am-12:40pm


Presenting at Tradeline's annual Research Facilities Conference, Chuck Mummert and Steve Briggs will describe the current field application-oriented convergence of plant health and production, food security, bio-based fuels, clean energy, pharmaceutics, and environmental conservation. Together, they'll illustrate how these conditions are driving programming and design criteria for state-of-the-art corporate and institutional Ag Bioscience facilities. They will profile leading corporate, institutional, and academic organizations that have recently constructed research facilities; detail optimal planning metrics, space layouts, and space assignments; and demonstrate what facility flexibility, adaptability, and scalability mean in this context.

Tradeline Research Facilities 2018 Conference >Apr 26-27, 2018 Boston, Massachusetts

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