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Harley-Davidson - Product Development Center


Product Development Center

World-class facilities for a world-class brand

Harley riders don't just want transportation to get from one place to another. They want thunder, roar, and rumble when they rev up the engine. They want a riding experience.

One of the most recognized brands in the world, Harley-Davidson knew that to stay at the forefront of the industry, they needed to enhance communication and collaboration among the company's engineering, styling, and developmental purchasing groups in a central location. They needed world-class facilities to painstakingly develop the world's best bikes.

It is more than just a building. It is an environment that supports the myriad activities that result in new and improved products from the company whose name defines “motorcycle” around the world. The dramatic roofline evokes the curving image of a motorcycle fuel tank. Skylights, much like raw engine parts, rhythmically penetrate the roof and invite the sun in. 

Inside, product planners dream, designers conceptualize, mechanics build prototypes, and engineers test new designs in a state-of-the-art lab. There is even a "jury room" where Harley riders judge the rumble of each new motorcycle.

The focal point of the building is a mock-up area placed within the curved roof canopy that soars in the daylight. Various styles and past model years of motorcycles are displayed for the study, evaluation, and evolution of the product. Strategically located next to the engine assembly plant, this facility bridges the gap between design, engineering, and manufacturing.

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LocationMilwaukee, Wisconsin

CertificationLEED Certified

Project TypeScience & Technology