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Specialized care

Designed to LEED-NC Gold

Some health issues aren't apparent on an x-ray. They cannot be addressed simply with a prescription or a procedure. In those cases, patients are referred to specialists. Amidst the ensuing tests, scans, and lab work, it may be hard to find a diagnosis. It shouldn't be hard to find the best physicians for the task.

Working with Shands, Flad designed the new specialty care center to house many of the hospital's dedicated practices in a single facility. The four-story clinic features offices for neurology, cardiology, psychiatry, and dermatology, in addition to an infertility clinic, in-vitro fertilization lab, and a women's diagnostic suite. This not only consolidates practices, allowing patients to see multiple specialists easily, it also ensures better continuity of care.

Likewise, Flad's 40-acre master plan for the new campus capitalizes on the natural park-like setting, incorporating walking trails, shade trees, and a dedicated multi-use path to encourage staff, visitors, and patients to engage with the outdoors.

Location: Gainesville, Florida


"This multi-specialty facility is not just about providing health care in beautiful, spacious surroundings ... although it does that ... it is about access to our University of Florida specialists in a convenient and highly responsive manner. The new practice will help reduce hassles for our patients so they can focus their energies on getting well, rather than on trying to figure out logistics."

 David GuzickMD,PhDUF Senior Vice President for Health AffairsPresident of UF&Shands Health System