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Kettle Brand Foods : Manufacturing Facility


Many factors went into selecting the site for the food processing plant - the most important of which was proximity to the potatoes. Kettle Foods utilizes a specific type of potato in their chips to achieve their signature flavor, and they did not want to ship the potatoes long distances. Therefore, the site had to have easy access to the potato farms in and around Beloit, Wisconsin. The facility is located on an 11-acre parcel of land on a previously disturbed lot. As part of the project's site development, nearly 6 acres of land (just over 50%) has been converted to prairie native to southern Wisconsin. Green building features provide annual energy savings (gas and electric) of 20 percent, translating to an estimated cost reduction of $110,000 on natural gas and $51,000 on electricity. Annual water savings of $34,000 due to reclamation systems capturing and reusing over 3.4 million gallons of water. Continuing native prairie restoration resulting in the growth of new native plants and the return of prairie wildlife. 18 wind turbines produce some of Kettle's production facility's power. Monthly recycling and conversion of 3,200 gallons of waste oil to biodiesel, an alternative fuel used to power Kettle's company fleet of diesel VWs, called BioBeetles.

Embracing environmental responsibility


Its use of locally grown and organic potatoes is only the beginning of Kettle Foods' commitment to the environment. Used cooking oil powers company cars, wind and solar energy help power plants, and the result is the first LEED Gold food processing plant in the United States.

Processing 50 million pounds of potatoes a year, the plant is designed to enable smooth product flows between deliveries, washing, cooking, and packaging. A curtain wall delineates the break area and provides transparency, inviting users in and offering a link to the outdoors. Skylights over the open office area provide additional natural light. A trellis-covered entry walkway breaks down the scale of the building while affording solar shading for the break room, and wind turbines generate a significant portion of the electricity needed for chip production.

Location: Beloit, Wisconsin


"The Kettle Foods Beloit location is a great example of the “kit of parts” approach to sustainable site development. The building and adjacent paved areas were located to provide ample space on site for a contiguous six acres of prairie restoration, while screening the large volume of shipping traffic from public view. This prairie restoration aids in the stabilization of topsoil, encourages biodiversity, increases wildlife habitat, and provides a natural filter for storm water."

 Rossformer Landscape Architect at Flad