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A science intersection


R&D Magazine Lab of the Year, High Honors
AIA Wisconsin, Merit Award
ASLA Wisconsin, Honor Award

Science is changing. Discoveries aren't being made by researchers in white coats sitting alone in isolated labs. Modern science is interdisciplinary. It's collaborative. It's blurring boundaries between departments and pooling information to make exciting leaps forward in new fields.

Modern science laboratories act as the crossroads for a community of the world's brightest minds. This is what Indiana University envisioned with Simon Hall.

Conceived as a unifying hub, Simon Hall is strategically placed at the intersection of the chemistry, biology, and biochemistry departments. The six-story facility literally and philosophically acts as an extension of these departments' research interests, providing researchers with centralized, state-of-the-art resources. Laboratories and analytical instrument facilities support initiatives for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Aesthetically it complements the collegiate gothic and art moderne styles of surrounding historic buildings.

Location: Bloomington, Indiana


"Each building has a very distinct character that derived from the faculty members that thought about how they wanted to live and work and do research in those spaces. Flad in return responded in ways that were highly customized to the group of people with whom they were talking and collaborating."

 Lisa M. PrattPhDProfessor of Geological Sciences

"This project has a lot of bravado. The architect designed something very traditional, but with a twist and a sense of inventiveness at the same time. This building is clean and simple. It is a strong project that sits well on a college campus. The exterior stone work symbols are a charming detail. This is a very beautiful long-term contribution to the campus. In fifty years, it will have aged very well in a graceful way."

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