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Orthopedic and Sports Institute : Ambulatory Surgery CenterOrthopedic and Sports Institute : Ambulatory Surgery Center


When starting the design process, the team examined the architectural history of the area, with a focus on turn of the century paper mills dating as far back as 1883. Working with the paper mills' architectural details and material palette, we were able to find common ground on the design of the new medical facility that appealed to everyone in the physician groups. The resulting design expresses the historic roots of the manufacturing industry in this region. The connection to the Fox Valley paper mills was accomplished through the use of familiar building forms and materials in concert with exposed wood and steel structural elements. The main entry, a focal point of the building, features a pitched metal roof that is reflective of one of the neighboring paper mills. The final architectural style works well with the site and surrounding region and reflects the unique connection of the practice to the community. The design goal for the building was to enhance the patient experience by creating a comforting environment that is focused on providing excellent patient care and positive patient outcomes. A main entry hall was developed with a concierge-style greeter and for easy, visible access to all three physicians' practices. The entry sequence acts as an icon for the building with a two-story lobby featuring soaring glass walls opposite one another, bringing in an abundance of natural daylight. Efficiencies were built into the floor plan by designing clinic areas that share a central waiting room, provide a central imaging department usable by all groups, as well as shared administrative offices and medical records. With this facility, the Orthopedic & Sports Institute is able to serve 11,000 patients per year, and pioneer new treatment models, such as 23-hour extended care.

Keeping it local

The football player who wants to get back in the game after a debilitating tackle. The prize-winning gardener who can't kneel among her tomato plants anymore. The construction worker whose back pain has kept him home during an important job. These, and many other Fox Valley residents needed high-quality orthopedic care.

Three specialized physician groups banded together not only to treat these injuries, but to provide an environment focused on positive patient outcomes. 

The physicians' vision of a new, 50,000-square-foot ambulatory surgery clinic and office building was realized, housing outpatient clinic space, general radiographic rooms, four operating rooms, an MRI diagnostic imaging suite, and space for rehabilitation and orthotics services.

Emphasizing the Orthopedic & Sports Institute's connection to the community, the building also reflects the area's history. Flad's design connects the architectural expression of the clinic to the historic roots of the Fox River Valley paper mills, through warm natural interior materials, soaring glass walls, exposed wood, and steel structural elements.

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin


"The design goal for the building was to enhance the patient experience through the use of warm, natural materials. The interior materials, such as wood and stone, enhance the public spaces. Color, floor patterns, and signage are used to support way-finding throughout the building."

 AlanaInterior Designer at Flad