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What started as a small but innovative dyestuffs factory in the Barmen district of Wuppertal is now a global enterprise with more than 110,000 employees, explains CEO Dr. Marijn Dekkers. In the past 150 years, Bayer inventions have time and again helped improve people's quality of life. This great tradition is also our commitment to the future - entirely in line with our mission of Bayer: Science For A Better Life. Bayer's pharmaceutical division utilized master plans to manage its growth, including a major site expansion started in the late 1980s. This concept has allowed Bayer to keep pace with projected industry activity, while reducing risk. One of Bayer's goals was to create a fast track to safer drugs. The pharmaceutical division uses cutting-edge analysis to predict possible side effects of a substance early in the development process. This efficiency benefits researchers, physicians, and ultimately patients. By focusing its research and development efforts, the company leads the industry in five distinct areas: diagnostic imaging, hematology/cardiology, oncology, specialized therapeutics, and women's healthcare.

Gateway to discovery

The mission of Bayer's pharmaceuticals division is to discover products that will improve human health worldwide. One researcher, one lab, one department cannot accomplish this task alone.

This can only be achieved when many individuals, possessing a wide range of complementary skills work together. In close cooperation, communication, and collaboration. Leveraging their unique strengths as an integrated team.

With its new North American headquarters for the pharmaceutical division, Bayer moved closer to realizing this ambitious goal when it unified and consolidated its diverse departments on one campus. Through the new building's design, it also created a gateway to the complex and a distinct icon - recognizable to the community and representative to the employees - as a point of focused research and innovation.

Housing 750 employees across several departments, the building takes advantage of daylight and views of the beautiful stream, wetlands, and woods that surround the site. An exterior courtyard leads to patios, terraces, and walkways, connecting an inspiring, productive environment with those who work there.

Location: West Haven, Connecticut


"The building is low key, fits in with the environment, and keeps all the wetlands intact. It's a well-maintained building and a well-functioning building. We constructed a world-class headquarters complex. The building is a focal point of our site."

 Paul Planzformer ManagerProject Engineering