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The AHS clinic is LEED Certified and qualified for 33 LEED credits. Some of the LEED design elements that contributed to the clinic's certification are: Building envelope designed with large windows for heating/cooling, contributing to an energy reduction of 20 percent per ASHRAE requirements. Installation of a carbon dioxide monitoring system. Site lighting designed to reduce light pollution. A rain garden and water retention pond to aid in storm water management. Enhanced indoor air quality through the use of MERV-rated filters to catch airborne particles. Conservation through the use of materials that were purchased within a 500-mile radius of the site. Use of low VOCs for all materials. Implementation of a construction waste management plan. Officially designated as a Center for Health Design-Pebble Project, the goal for the Affinity Health System was to create a prototypical clinic that reinforces healing and creates a high standard for patient satisfaction, excellence, and sustainability through Evidence-Based Design principles. With the collaboration of a Center for Health Design approved researcher from Michigan State University, credible peer-reviewed research was used to inform the design solutions for the clinic. The design of this new facility represents the latest and best practices for patient-centered pediatric care. Some of the research elements that were implemented include: Daylighting with ample opportunity for exterior vistas, contributing to the facility's sustainability goals. Use of calming interior finishes, elements that have been proven to contribute to faster healing. Effective wayfinding recommendations that aid in reducing stress and confusion for patients and family members. A post-occupancy patient and staff satisfaction survey was used to evaluate the new clinic and showed improvements in: staff operation and satisfaction, patient experience and satisfaction, and branding and perception of the Affinity Health System.

A child-like approach

LEED Certified

Childhood is full of scraped knees and sore throats. Fevers and ear aches. That's why parents need a nearby resource for exceptional healthcare for their children. A safe place for reassurance and healing. Affinity Health System created such a place.     

Bright, colorful shapes dance on the walls of the lobby. Fabric clouds hang from the ceiling and a six-foot tall, 220-gallon fish tank draws young patients in to a facility that is designed for bodies just their size. A “healing garden” invites patients to explore, while a high sloped ceiling with floor-to-floor glazing floods the area with natural light. Organized around patient flow and comfort, the clinic enhances interaction between nurses and physicians, while providing flexibility to meet the specific needs of its patients.

This is not just a child-friendly clinic. It is an award-winning building, and a prototype for Affinity Health System, so that best practices in evidence-based design can be carried through to other locations in the hospital's network.

Location: Neenah, Wisconsin


"Flad worked with us to realize our vision. (Affinity's) new clinics don't look, feel or smell like a clinic. - This not only reduces stress for young patients, it speeds the healing process."

 Gary KusnierzVice PresidentPerformance Excellence