Two-Thirds Wellness, One-Third Illness


Healthcare Design // Expo and Conference

Monday, November 14, 2016

Houston, Texas

A case study of a new community hospital and wellness center that opened in August 2015, this presentation, subtitled "A New Healthcare Building and Culture," will help attendees learn how to foster a wellness culture, vision, and commitment among diverse stakeholders. Constructed by UW Health, the healthcare center, featuring naturally lit, walker-friendly halls, rooftop gardens and outdoor walking/running paths, and wellness facilities programmed to improve quality of life, resulted from application of patient-focused care models. With inpatient, outpatient, managed medicine, and healthy lifestyle as the mission, UW Health created a campus that reflects the organization's healthy culture and vision. Joined by Vicki Hill, the center's vice president of operations for Clinical and Interventional Services, Laura Serebin and Cindy Cox will describe new operational methods and building plans that help leverage change and reduce program size and square footage.

Laura SerebinLaura Serebin AIA, LEED AP President / CEOFlad Architects
Cindy CoxCindy Cox Healthcare PlannerFlad Architects