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cGMP facilities hold the challenge of maintaining sterile conditions under some of the strictest and most demanding requirements for product manufacturing of any kind. With these challenges, comes a tremendous responsibility on facility design to help maintain that integrity while enhancing the comfort of highly-trained staff. Attuned to the well-being of their employees, our client encouraged Flad to deliver a multisensory environment, using dynamic color, texture, and scenic views to connect every individual to nature and the spaces where they work.

The design team utilized a color palette inspired by David Hockney's representation of nature within the featured potent compound facility. They fashioned touch points that give employees opportunities to reset their senses and reflect on the life-changing impact their work has on patients. Today, in facilities like this, our clients provide an attractive platform from which to showcase their innovative work and recruit future generations that will sustain and grow their industry.

Confidential Client > Potent Compound Facility

August 17, 2017