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Flad-Designed Hospital Wins Lighting Award

Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Venice has added to its list of accolades with an Illumination Award for Interior Lighting Design, presented by the Milwaukee chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). Flad collaborated with Pivotal Lighting Design and Affiliated Engineers on the project.

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System partnered with Flad to master plan and design the 452,000-square-foot greenfield hospital campus, which offers a full slate of medical and surgical care.

Along the interior path of the five-story facility, serpentine-like lighting flows from the lobby to various departments, creating pleasant layers of light and reinforcing intuitive navigation. Key check-in desks along this path are highlighted with curved desks, wood ceiling features, and special pendant lighting.

All patient rooms feature LED lighting that is adjustable for both comfort and optimal patient care. The adjustable lighting allows caregivers to light the room only as needed to minimize disruption to sleeping patients. Patient rooms also have many unique lighting features such as miniature light coves in wood details, razor-thin wall sconces to light artwork and provide reading light, and beautiful wall wash lighting in the spa-like bathing rooms within the birthing suites.

In addition, interior spaces are filled with natural light thanks to the extensive use of high-performance glass on the building's exterior. This also provides great views of the landscaped campus, including a central courtyard featuring a warmly lit water feature.

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January 05, 2023

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