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Flad Experts Featured in Lab Design Article

How green lab design can save energy and money

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, laboratories typically consume upwards of five times more energy per square foot than office buildings. In the case of certain specialty labs, such as cleanrooms, energy consumption can be as high as 100 times that of similarly sized commercial structures. With increasingly more labs looking to reduce their environmental impact and lower their operating budgets, several experts have begun to issue evidence-based guidance on how to increase sustainability in laboratory facilities.

Lab Manager recently published an article that highlights Flad's expertise in green lab design, including how sustainability is currently defined and measured in these scientific spaces and strategies to decrease energy consumption both now and in the future. In the piece, two Flad experts – Kimberly Reddin, Director of Sustainability and Stuart Lewis, Laboratory Planner – discuss how flexible, thoughtful lab design and strategy can improve sustainability and save money.

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August 17, 2021