Join us for Lab Manager's Emerging from COVID Digital Summit

August 11, 2020  10:00am CDT

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As we begin returning to work amidst the ongoing global pandemic, how do we assess and actively mitigate risk in laboratory settings? What changes need to be made to prioritize public health and staff safety? As leaders in the planning and design of scientific workplace and research environments, we explore these critical topics and more in Lab Manager's FREE upcoming Digital Summit webinar session, "Risk Assessment in the Contagion Era."

Join Flad experts Ben de Rubertis and Chad Zuberbuhler as they discuss strategies, lessons learned, and solutions for effectively navigating the post-COVID landscape while maximizing operations and productivity.

Ben de RubertisBen de Rubertis PrincipalFlad Architects
Chad ZuberbuhlerChad Zuberbuhler Associate PrincipalFlad Architects