Syngenta RTP Innovation Center Scientist working in Laboratory | Flad Architects

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Flad Ranks in the Top 5 Science & Technology
Architecture Firms

Among Flad's many appearances throughout Building Design + Construction's Giants 300 rankings in 2017 was one prominent milestone — inclusion in the top five of science & technology firms. It was the highest of Flad's rankings by building sector, which included healthcare (18th), university architecture (9th), and by specialty services (BIM 22nd, green architecture 28th).

Notable S&T projects from 2016 (the year from which BD+C's 2017 rankings are derived) included the Argonne Materials Design Laboratory, the Syngenta RTP Innovation Center, a confidential client's Biotech Manufacturing Facility, and Cellular Dynamics International's Therapies Manufacturing and Life Sciences Facility.

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