FGI Considers Revisions to Mobile Medical Unit Guidelines

Flad's Deb Smith, a member of the 2018 Health Guidelines Review Committee of the Facility Guidelines Institute, is co-author of an article posted to the Healthcare Design magazine website that describes revisions to the chapter on mobile/transportable units, which are currently under review.

The guidelines provide minimum design standards for safety to patients receiving medical services whether provided inside a building or a mobile/transportable unit. Previous editions of the guidelines allowed a lower patient-safety standard in mobile units — which are used throughout the U.S. to provide easy, and sometimes free, access to medical and dental services, including screenings, diagnostic imaging, minor procedures, and non-emergency services – based on their size. The revised standards aim to deliver reasonable design requirements so the physical environment is safe, all while allowing this facility type to remain an important means of providing temporary healthcare services. Smith and Gregory provide an overview of some of the major revisions to the chapter.

The recommended changes are to be voted on by the HGRC in April, with those approved set to be added to the draft manuscript of the guidelines. After final approval this summer, the new 2018 edition of the guidelines will be published in late 2017.

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March 28, 2017

Flad Architects