Join us at the AIASF 2022 Design Technology Symposium

The Future of Design Technology + Practice


AIASF 2022

Thursday, November 10, 2022
1:30 - 2:30 pm PST

In-Person Conference // AutoDesk Gallery, San Francisco

New software and services are changing the way we design, build, and maintain the complete life cycle of the buildings in which we live and work. The AIASF 2022 Design Technology Symposium will host a daylong series of roundtable conversations about the future of design and construction as panelists discuss state-of-the-art collaborative methods that yield the most beneficial results.

Join Flad computational design experts Ali Nasiri and Tanha Tabassum AlSheikhdallah as they explore the latest cutting-edge technology, including machine learning and automation, as well as broader concepts of computational design and how Flad applies them.

Conference learning objectives:

  • Develop ideas where architects and contractors can be effectively partnered, regardless of their contractual obligations, through design-build or other delivery methods
  • Explore how delivery of on-time, on-budget work requires collaboration with differing views while aiming to offer ways to contribute to the delivery process
  • Discuss current and evolving technologies that will permit communication to flow more easily than traditional methods
  • Encourage commitment to shared purpose, open communication, and mutual respect to more efficiently and effectively realize projects that are well-designed, sustainable, and financially rewarding than can be achieved by more conventional methods, thus representing the future of the practice

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Ali NasiriAli Nasiri LEED AP BD+C West Coast Director of Computational Design
Tanha Tabassum AlSheikhdallahTanha Tabassum AlSheikhdallah Assoc. AIA, NOMA Machine Learning Specialist