Two Flad Projects win AIA Merit Awards

Two buildings designed by Flad have been honored for excellence in design by AIA Wisconsin. The Jacobs School of Music East Studio Building at Indiana University and the Science and Engineering Library and Laboratories at Northwestern University received Merit Awards at the awards luncheon in Madison on May 9.

Designed by Flad in collaboration with Architect of Record Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects, the Jacobs School of Music East Studio Building forms a cornerstone both for the School of Music and the Bloomington campus performing arts district. The façade of the building is articulated through the rhythm of the windows and curved stone forms that move our gaze up and around the building, intended to evoke the flow of a musical performance or the movement of a conductor's baton.

Northwestern's Science and Engineering Library and Laboratories is a bold example of the intersection of research and education. To meet the needs of both research and library programs, the science and engineering library was reinserted into the second floor of the new research building. By embracing the diverse programs of research and library in combined space, the building encourages interaction of researchers, research associates and students while providing space for study and investigation. The predominantly glass north façade of the new building looks upon a newly created research quad, providing presence for the building and open space view for the library and lobby. The east façade is terraced at the fifth floor looking east to Lake Michigan. The west façade is smooth limestone with vertical window openings cut as a gesture to the 1941 building immediately to the west.

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May 09, 2018

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