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Brad Leathley FAIA


Brad Leathley believes in helping clients take advantage of opportunities for real change. That said, each client has their own strategic intent and their own paths into their near- and long-term future. Balancing those strategies and needs in the context of a university setting means that Flad comes into formative discussions without a solution already in mind. The firm's approach, and his, is based on helping articulate a mission, setting vision goals and building consensus among the many different people who will be impacted. Ultimately, designing the right project for that campus will come from putting forward a vision that makes clear the ways that the new building will accelerate their program's success and the progress of the entire institution.


So many of our academic user groups, the people who need a higher-performing environment to build their science and academic careers, have never been engaged in a building design process before. Many, through their life experience, have learned that they must adapt to outmoded space and compromised working conditions every day. They rarely have anybody come along and ask, How can we use space to create a better life and work experience for you, so that you and everyone who works with you can work at the top of their capability?

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