Laboratory Design Conference

RTP Innovation Center Tour
April 26, 2017  2:00-4:00pm
Research Triangle Park, NC

This tour of the Syngenta RTP Innovation Center, which was completed in 2016, is a highlight of the upcoming Lab Design Conference in Raleigh, NC. Home to the company's North America biotechnology research and administration groups, the Innovation Center is qualitatively unlike any other ag biotech corporate environment. Simple, lean, and highly adaptable, the building is constructed around a 'ribbon' of community space through the center of the complex, maximizing interaction and connection among science teams, administrative groups, and visiting partners. Unifying all functions and fostering a single corporate culture, the 207,000 gross-square-foot Innovation Center is helping Syngenta reinvent the agricultural biotechnology research environment to solve grand, global challenges related to feeding the world sustainably.