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Merging Hospitals Requires More than Strategy

Iowa Hospital Association Annual Conference

Des Moines, Iowa
October 09, 2018  11:30am-12:30pm

Hospitals considering implementation of a consolidation strategy face a number of challenges — many of which can impact outcomes, such as function, efficiency, quality of life or safety. Bringing together two distinct hospital cultures is never easy, and nor is redesigning older, existing facilities. Session leaders will use the story of Genesis Medical Center, East Rusholme Street as a prime example of what to do right when deciding to stay put, renovate and expand your facilities, and streamline services. Rather than build new outside the city with access to interstate highways, the Genesis Health System Board of Directors elected to stay in its central-city location and reuse existing facilities, two Genesis community hospitals located a couple of miles apart in residential sections of Davenport, Iowa. Four guiding principles for the project — patient safety, quality and service, technology and innovation for high performance, efficiency and productivity — directed this reimagined model for healthcare delivery. The consolidation of services, although far more expansive than most, allowed the hospital to become more efficient with its operations and create an enhanced experience for patients and their families.

Mark Trotter~AIAMark Trotter  AIA PrincipalFlad Architects
Jordan VoigtJordan Voigt  President, Genesis Medical Center-Davenport