Post-Occupancy Evaluation of a Hyper-Flexible Laboratory


I²SL 2020 Annual Conference

Tuesday, October 06, 2020
5:30-7:00pm EDT (Session C3)

In a world where research and development needs are always changing, companies are constantly seeking new ways to accelerate innovation and improve how research is conducted in laboratory environments.

As leaders in the planning, programming, and design of these highly specialized scientific environments, Flad recently worked with a prominent biopharmaceutical company to explore and develop a new facility type – one that reevaluates and rejects many of the assumed limitations inherent in traditional chemical laboratories in favor of an optimized environment that readily supports modern, agile research operations.

The end result? Hyper-Flexible Laboratory environments.

Join Flad science and technology expert Dirk von Below as he discusses key elements of Hyper-Flexible Laboratory design and strategies for increasing operational efficiency in I²SL's upcoming 2020 Virtual Annual Conference. The conference agenda and session details are available at the links below, and information regarding registration rates can be found here.

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Dirk von BelowDirk von Below Project ManagerFlad Architects