Achieving 20% Across the Board Operational Cuts with LEAN

Healthcare in the Built Environment

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
March 14, 2018  11:15am-12:30pm

From the outset, one of UW Health's goals in building a new satellite wellness center was to cut square footage by 20 percent over traditional program requirements for similar facilities, yet provide a state-of-the-art healthy-lifestyle facility. With this as an objective, LEAN methodology was used to drive program size and total allowable expenditure. At this one-day conference organized by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Laura Serebin and Cindy Cox, joined by Vicki Hill of UW Health and Joel Boado of Affiliated Engineers Inc., will show how Lean planning and metrics inspired a new approach to healthcare delivery, helping improve efficiency, encourage space sharing and keep the focus on the patient.

Components of the wellness center, which is designed to respond to changes in medicine and meet patients' needs through collaborative teamwork and cross-training, include 48 universal and flexible rooms, 58 patient beds, a diagnostic and treatment core, clinic and rehabilitation therapies, and a wellness and sports-performance facility. A notably flexible component is the Universal Care Center (UCC), which contains six pods of eight identical rooms, each shared by the emergency, pre/post-surgery, and imaging departments. The area provides on-stage/off-stage circulation and creates work zones to allow for patient privacy and optimal communication.

The session will include presentation of post-occupancy data to demonstrate the ways in which outcomes and throughput goals are being met two years after the facility opened.