Designing for Uncertainty

NC State Plant Sciences Building

CSI Raleigh-Durham Chapter Meeting

Raleigh, NC
December 17, 2019  12:00-1:30pm

Utilizing a new method for programming and designing large-scale, grant-driven research facilities, Flad has designed North Carolina State University's Plant Sciences Building with the goal of maximizing the collaborative potential among disciplines across the university, as well as among industry and academic organizations. This presentation will address the process of developing a flexible program that addresses the uncertain nature of future research domains and how that process was applied to design this 184,000-square-foot facility in a campus context. The resulting design reflects a resource-intensive program that includes molecular imaging, genomics and proteomics, containment greenhouses, and plant growth chambers–providing a platform with the longevity to support generations of research groups with minimal renovation. Particular attention is given to the rooftop containment greenhouse from design to documentation and delivery within the framework of the CM-at-Risk delivery model.

Andrew CherryAndrew Cherry Project ArchitectFlad Architects
Michael KappMichael Kapp NC State University