PDC Summit  
Health Facility Planning, Design, and Construction
Orlando, FL
March 14, 2017  3:00-4:00pm
Cindy Cox AIA, Planner, Flad ArchitectsWendy Horton VP Operations, UW Health at the American CenterTom Grove AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, PlannerAchieving 20 Percent Across-the-Board
Operational Cuts with Lean

Lean planning inspired a new approach to healthcare delivery at UW Health's new satellite campus. Among the components of the flexible facility, designed to respond to changes in medicine and meet patients' needs through collaborative teamwork and cross-training, is the Universal Care Center (UCC). The center contains six pods of eight identical rooms, each of which is shared by the emergency, pre/post-surgery, and imaging departments. The area provides on-stage/off-stage circulation and creates work zones to allow for patient privacy and optimal communication. Joined by Wendy Horton of UW Health, Cindy Cox and Tom Grove will show how Lean planning and metrics can be used to improve efficiency, focus on the patient and encourage space sharing, and describe the successes and challenges of cutting 20 percent of program space.